Saturday, September 3, 2011

"I just drank a fifth of kool-aid... Dare me to drive?"

I woke up early to lovingly prepare myself a beautiful birthday meal (homemade [from scratch] funfetti pancakes). 900 calories, with all the fat I am supposed to eat in a day and 90g of carbohydrate.

It was delicious, and now I am quite sustained, though I hope I got the insulin right!

(I would have taken a photograph, but I burnt some of them a bit and they were rather ugly-looking.)

Anyhow, now I'm 18. Not a minor. Not someone who should need so much guidance. I am 18, and though I have no ideal party to celebrate it with, or many friends to liven the next year, I have some things: special things (the class ranking is very close; maybe I can advance beyond #5) and mundane ones (the privilege of school, my house, the same old music CDs, etc.). (Some things, like the fact that my CNA preparation course takes place on my birthday, are both).

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Marvin the Martian said...

Congratulations on achieving your majority! Now you can do what you want. Sort of. ;-)

I think you are quoting Eminem?