Tuesday, August 30, 2011

Fellow Diabetic

Yesterday I found out that there is a man (I was going to say kid, but he's likely 25-30) in my class with type 1 diabetes. In fact, he's a Certified Diabetes Educator, too, so he really is informed. I wax excited when I found out that he had juvenile diabetes- I know, that sounds a bit cruel- but I was even happier when we got to talk about things. (He also made me excited again about the prospect of getting a pump. Also, it's rather funny, but he recommended both models I've been looking into most- the Animas Ping [which he had] and the Omnipod.)

Look how cute the Pings are!
The Omnipod is appealing, too...

He may not be new friend #1, but he's new-mutual-diabetic-friendly-acquaintance #1. And that is nice.

Now, I really am going to try to contact someone at high school today. (I'm so pathetic. So, so, so pathetic...)

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Marvin said...

How nice that you found someone who has a similar experience!