Monday, August 1, 2011

What's With the Obsession?

Now, for a post having little if nothing to do with me or the things I typically carry on about:


As much as I wish I were naturally proportioned like those in magazines pretend to be, I cannot fathom as to how and why one would throw their whole life- activities, diet, thoughts, and all- into a quest to appear slim and, by virtue of slimness, sophisticated. I have been 115 at 5'7" and have had no energy nor desire to show off my relatively slim figure (I was too depressed.. Which is, by the way, the reason why I weighed so little. One does not have much of an appetite when one sees little in living). I have also, through the power of hyperglycemia (yay, diabetes!) weighed only 100 pounds at 5'7". Did I look good? No. I looked like I was dying- and I was. Would I, if I could, be 100 lbs now with in-control diabetes? No, because it wasn't- and wouldn't be- all its cracked-up to be.

If health is a chasing after the wind- and believe me, it is, though I still pursue it- then thinness is one even more so. With health, you might be able to be more caring, generous, and personable, but with a slim physique.... Well, you haven't really got much of anything extra to offer others.


Marvin the Martian said...

I agree, there was a shot of you where you looked cadaverous. Ideal weight for you at 5-7 is 122-149 pounds. So 115 is still painfully thin, and 100 is near death. My vote is, pig out. Even if you worked at it, I doubt you could break 130 on the vegan diet. But I dare you to try. ;-) You'll be healthier for it.

Lydia said...

Ah! Marvin, Marvin. When I first went vegan, I gained 20 pounds! It's easy to pack 'em on with vegan cakes, fatty foods, cookies, snack bars, and the like. I've cut back on these but still haven't really lost any weight :| Oh well.