Wednesday, March 9, 2011

The Gospel According to Me

I am no longer afraid, at least intellectually.

God places no weight upon me to agree with all those who are Christian by name or deed or truth. (If he did: ha! There are far too many beliefs...) In fact, he doesn't even require that I whole-heartedly believe what the congregation I am a part of professes. (I make this statement on the basis that God requires a relationship and not adherence to a religion- not to say that relationship won't manifest itself into adherence.) Therefore....

I believe God doesn't want humans to eat animals. I believe God did create animals for their own pleasure and for ours, just as we were created for both our pleasure and his. I believe it is unethical to kill what 1. desires life and 2. has been deprived of a natural life. I believe that by looking at the outcome or "fruit," if you will, of meat consumption, I can see that nothing but environmental degredation, suffering, and danger comes from the practice. Therefore, I believe it is wrong to consume meat. Am I forming God in my own image? Perhaps. Could I be wrong? Perhaps. But I have examined the issue and see no logic in nor feel any compulsion to excuse the consumption of flesh. All have formed God from what they know- that doesn't mean he doesn't exist objectively, however- and if I have erred, I pray he have mercy on me.

Yes, I have departed from common Christian vegetarian wisdom... But my faith is NOT weaker because I refuse meat. I do not intend on pulling any away from God or Christ but wish to pull all creatures closer to God's intention.


Marvin the Martian said...

That is wonderfully Godly and faithful of you. Your strength and your convictions are beautiful.

Lydia said...

Thank you! It feels very nice to not be so afraid of being in the wrong amongst others. I am quite sure I won't be so timid any longer.. Though I am still intent on not being boisterous and self-righteous, God help me.