Tuesday, March 15, 2011

The Fruit It All Bore..

Reading Fast Food Nation has made me realize two things:

1. Ayn Rand's philosophy- though not named as such- is quite akin to the great visionaries of the American 50s. This saddens me: a part of me, raised to love America and believe the great lie of a righteous, blameless one, still operates within my mind. I must force myself into realizing the truth of the matter...

2. The great innovations of the 50s, all designed to increase speed, availability, and comfort, and to decrease human effort, have come to utterly destroy us. We are disconnected from nature, work, love, pain, relationships, and humanity in general. What was intended to create a happy utopia ultimately made us into this subtly miserable dystopian reality...

What seeds do the progressives of my time sow? I cannot know.


Marvin the Martian said...

The "progressives" of today have the benefit of knowing that the utopian ideals espoused by progressives of the past simply don't work. Yet today's "progressives" soldier on, blithely mouthing their inane slogans, championing the changes which have thus far harmed society, not helped it. Progressives of the past had their vision, and no proof of its failure. Progressives of today have historical and economic proof that their vision is bankrupt, yet they refuse to acknowledge it. I think that's inexcusable, and therefore "progressives" should be given no quarter in today's battle of ideas.

You are too smart to be a "progressive." At most, you can be conscientious and thoughtful. But today, "progressive" is just a polite word for "idiot."

Anonymous said...

Hi there.

I've been browsing your blog for a bit now, opening a couple aged entries here and there at random. At first I felt almost like an intruder that accidentally glimpsed a private affair or overheard a sensitive conversation. But then again, I suppose that type of feeling is perfectly natural.

I remember reading somewhere that you were on a quest to garner the admiration of someone. This, coupled with the general mood of your blog, inspired me to compose an impromptu confession of sorts. Well, more like a "declaration", but let's not get boggled down in semantics.

People don't really give you the credit that's due to you. With your quiet nature (which is by no means a bad thing), it's tough for the full extent of your intellect and personality to stand out. I think that's a shame.

From what I can tell, you're a wonderful human being, with no shortages of compassion and curiosity in you.

Anyway, just wanted to let you know what I think without the awkwardness that would almost certainly be present if I had said those things in person! Hope this has had, at the very least, a mildly illuminating effect on your day.

PS, To be honest, I think that we have the potential to become good friends, though I'd be interested to know if that would happen naturally (whatever that means). So if you suspect who I am, don't try to confront me about it. Just keep reassured knowing that someone out there does find reason to admire you. Besides, don't want things getting weird.