Friday, January 14, 2011

My Morbid Countdown

I am doing pretty well (or, at least, I think I am). I have few legitimate complaints and even less desire to complain of them (or, at least, I think I do). My diagnosis is nothing spectacular or tragic in today's day and age.

In the back of my mind, however, with fear and jest together I wonder where I might be on the timeline of my life (so to speak) if I had lived only 100 years ago. Would I be dead yet? The doctors said I would have began having serious complications in a few days had I not been admitted and alerted to the death of my pancreas. I suppose those "complications" would have put me in a coma for a short while and, eventually- perhaps a few days- sent me on to face God.

Yet modern medicine has brought me back towards life from my previous path to death (death from diabetic coma/starvation, at least). Modern medicine will ward off future complications- for a while.

Hopefully, God has a plan; if he doesn't, then only chance saves me from a fate that would have stricken me and ended my life in my seventeenth year. The thought is unsettling.... Good thing in the past year or two I have gradually began to believe that God does have some form of destiny preordained for all, which one may follow more or less or not.

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Marvin the Martian said...

Yes, a century ago, you would have died. How blessed you are to live now, instead of then! I'm so glad they caught it in time. God is watching over you.