Monday, July 13, 2009

It's What I Must Do

Crying is not the only indicator-
Arrogance, apathy, and deception are, too
Raw and hurting, we are all
Ever wondering quite what is wrong.

Before, blinded by my own hurt, I was unable to help any with their own hurt, and, as it hurts to see hurt in others but not help, I desensitized myself and tried to see only the callous, hard, often-cruel outside of everyone. Rock-hard shells need no sympathy, after all.

Now, I am forever delving beyond the stony fronts that those around me have erected about themselves. I can forgive anything, these days, because I know that somewhere inside each person that wrongs me or another is a scared, hurt, and raw soul. If I seek that- and it always shows, if only a little- and I cannot help but feel pain for them.

And how great a number of "them" there are! My heartbreaks each day as I watch people make destructive decisions over and over, as I sit and watch-unable to offer any help but friendship and an open heart forever accumulating pain to be converted to love by God. Love, poured out on those who accept it and those who do not. Love, to hopefully, one day, carve (as a waterfall does) a rut through the rock of their hurt and fill them with a love greater than I can offer alone.

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