Saturday, June 6, 2009

With age comes responsibilities..

A silly young thing still I am,
Growing in being every day
Elders know the task I face: keeping others safe.

On this day (June 6, 2009) I headed to the local Department of Motor Vehicles and took the test to become one holding a class E learner's permit. I took said test and passed said test. Now, there's a little piece of plastic authorizing me to drive- with someone an adult over 21 in the front seat, granted- on roads.

To be truthful, I am terrified.

But that is not all I wish to talk of.

With age, I know already, comes the opportunity to begin to lay the foundations for an excellent future. This requires taking up- and keeping- many responsibilities, both common and not.

Age has pushed me, now, to become something or remain nothing. I chose writing- how could I not, it is my heart's calling- to break through my childishness. I now write for two school newspapers (my public high school's and Florida Virtual School's), this blog, and YouthNoise, where I applied to be- and was chosen to be- the "Featured" environment blogger. At home, I do the dishes daily and with less prodding. I have begun to consistently practice the oboe, pray, and read the bible. I plan to workout via rollerblading or DDR three times a week in the coming months.

That may not sound like too much to adults, I am sure. But to me- I could never commit to anything. Which reminds me- age- or should I say, maturity- leads to commitment. I flutter less than I used to; I am growing tired of fluttering, and I despise when I do. I no longer flutter, I have decided to expand- my circle of friends, my love, my skills.


I'm so young.

But I don't think my life has to be typical. I can pull this all together, God willing and helping.

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Marvin the Martian said...

You are as old as you have ever been. It seems like forever, doesn't it? Only yesterday you were five, or seven, or thirteen. And now you're driving, and writing all over the Internet! Congratulations! I can only imagine how far you'll go from here. Your opportunities are unlimited, especially with God's help.