Sunday, June 7, 2009

Strange, How Humans Overcome

Horrid or pretty,
Outside or in,
Men inhabit the
Eeriest of places

I took a bike ride about my neighborhood for a good two hours this day. I went to the far end of my neighborhood where there are as many trailers, vacant and in disrepair (or half-destroyed) as there is aging trailers with owners who keep their pit-bulls tied to stakes in the front yard.

I felt sort of bad for the people who lived down there, because their living conditions reminds me of some of my family's... And, because I have people living in such a way in my family, I know the complications of such a life... And I wish that I could befriend them, ease their stress, give them a little hope.

But I didn't see too many of them, and if I had, I am ashamed to say I would have been afraid of them, because so many, when faced with trials, come out worse for the wear.

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Marvin the Martian said...

Mmmmhmmmm. True enough. It's good to be friendly with them, and they're often nice, warm, loving people, more genuine than suburban drones. But you can't really help them. Only they can help themselves. They are where they are, living as they are, as a result of the decisions they made. They have the power to make better decisions. They have the power to change things. But they usually won't.