Friday, May 1, 2009

Fridays- and the truth behind them

Reminder that
Destined to witness the
Abolition of the values of
Sooner than imagined.

Honestly, I feel a bit cheated by society. I never really grew up in a time of even comparative modesty, morale, or values. My time never portrayed itself as pure or wholesome. My time is about chaos and all sorts of silly, simple things that allow us humans to achieve instant gratification and long-term misery.

My time is one of divorce, of promiscuity, of television documenting anything and dramatizing whatever they could not find; My time is one with all the evils of prior generations brought to the surface and made worse with the help of the "global village;" my time is one that could bring about great change but refuses to due to complacency.

My time sickens me.. And tonight, I feel as if I have no friends. Except Jesus. Which is better than even the best of friends.. But still leaves a little to be wanted.

Fridays remind me, always, of the problems I face.. And the dangers and difficulties in even trying to solve them. Fridays remind me of family tension, drugs, alcohol, isolation, money issues, and conflict; Fridays remind me of withered dreams and half-done projects.


Andis said...

cool beans. i have to remember this link now

humsha said...

It could be worse....Most societies in the past have bad qualities and good ones.Its not only this time period. for example tin the roman ages they were involved with huge orgies and murder, greed, and bloodshed. You can not quite say one time period is worse than the other. This time period has many improvements, even in the 50s there was cold war and fear, and censorship of thoughts. In the ages of the Renaissance even then wasn't so hot. There was still discrimination of sexes, religion, and ethnicity. Right now we live in a more open society, not as open but still more open, where one doesn't have to be brutalized for one's belief. And the society you are talking about is Americ. Not all Countries in this time period are like that. Some countries are even MORE Liberal or are more conservative. WE Americans just receive a lot of publicity and we are centered from those antics and we are interesting as a baby country and as a rebel force to the ancient countries of Europe. Europe also has felt a great deal of jealousy towards us, even though we show a bit of a Roman complex. SO chin up Kristen....Things are NOT as BADDDDD as you imagine them to be...You have to look at the bright side to everything. There is people who can THINK today and can SPEAK their thoughts without persecution....See this blog is an example of your right to do so. In another age you might be sought out for questioning your loyalty to a country and speaking critically to which society is built.

Marvin the Martian said...

You are so lucky to live when you do! You are safe from marauding Vikings, safe from headhunter tribes, safe from disease, safe from religious persecution and being burned at the stake, safe from being thrown in jail because you owe a debt, safe from being kidnapped and enslaved, safe from being ignored and treated as chattel because you are a woman.

Yes, society is somewhat disorderly, but it is also VERY orderly in many ways. You can create your own order in this chaos. You can hold yourself to a higher path, a truer way, treating others with dignity and respect and love, and you can create a pocket of order for yourself, to make your existence more comfortable for yourself and for those around you.

Nice horsey picture. ;-) Piers Anthony wrote about night mares. I forget which books those were.