Sunday, May 3, 2009

Yes, they may "make a pill for that," but I prefer my own escapes. At least they're educational.

Retched realm, how
Many feel the
Trauma inflicted as a side effect of the
Evil, diseased world-
Does anyone tell them of hope?

I suppose I must escape into the bible more- lately, I am shaken. I don't mind standing against society, so long as I stand with Jesus; however, I do not know where I stand of late. I pray that I- if I stand not there already- will be on his side and do his will and do good.. But much is pressing me.. Much.. Much has passed, but more is to come; who am I? Who am I to judge or assist or crawl from out of my dismal hole? My aide is un-asked for; I am despised- is it in the name of God or Satan?

My mind currently rests hard upon those who feel no hope. My heart.. I wish I could comfort them all and tell them that I know. They know some aspects I don't and I know some they don't, and if they allow Him, Jesus will help them (there is no other way out, take it from me)... I wish to be His hands and feet and mouth- do I have the ability? Can I help alleviate any of the numbness that burns or the pain that bites?

And.. Just to feed my bloated ego.. Am I even the genius I play as?

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Marvin the Martian said...

Just as you want to help people more pitiable than yourself, others wish to help you. And still others wish to help THEM. It's an endless chain of souls, all learning from each other.