Monday, April 27, 2009

My groin hath been pulled.

Today was my first day's practice on my new team. After last Wednesday (which was my first soccer game in about a year), an indescribable section of my thigh had pained me for a few days. That section, today, was sent off the deep end.. I kicked my very first shot at goal; I screamed in pain; I spent the remainder of the practice running about like what I assume a lame colt must.

This is, by the way, my first ever experience in the world of "pulling" muscles. Ah, God hath punished me for my pride: just a few days ago I was marveling at and privately pleased with the fact that I have never been hurt playing soccer (my injuries, which are plentiful, dissipate in a matter of minutes). Yes. Pride is not good; Pride- the quality I so detest!- is all too present in my life. I really must banish it.

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