Thursday, April 23, 2009

An Introduction

I am, for all purposes, to be called Glaistig. I have had another blog, a dearly beloved blog, at the time; However, my blog- that blog- served its purpose. I evolved.. Slowly and painfully. I broke free from the confines that tethered me down.. And this is a new chapter, truly, in my life.

I am, first and foremost, trying to live a Godly- and therefore loving- life. This is my ultimate purpose in life, and although that is not this blog's main purpose, per se, it shall be reflected, I hope, in the following posts.

I aim to SHOW who I am and who I wish to develop into in this blog, not tell, as I did with my first. I aim to educate, not push with intolerance, my personal beliefs and hopes- namely vegetarianism/veganism, environmentalism, love, critical thinking, and poetry/poetic acts- all through, mainly, personal reflections.

Here begins the new chapter; a fresh chance; a clean start.

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