Saturday, November 5, 2011

Future, Friends, Etc.

  1. No more of this, still, thankfully:
  2. I think I may finally be making headway on my goal to rebuild friendships. I think. I hope. I pray.
  3. I am trying to focus my life, and though I haven't truly done so yet. Academics, charity, and writing seem to be what I am most focused on- as well as finally putting time into getting to know people.
  4. I am woefully ashamed to admit that I haven't yet solidified any God-things into my plan, but I know I shall need them. I hate to say this... But I have fallen on dark times in my faith. It is not gone, nor is it dying, but it is weak and I need a change. Nothing much has came out of churchy-church things lately, such as bible studies or worship, and though I shall continue them, I'm hoping that the adage that people repeat about God making himself known through others will prove true (hence the friendships and charity). It's hard to feel God loves you and cares for you when you're isolated... And hard when one of your life's features, I.E., veganism, is rejected by 99.9% of those of your faith.
  5. I am still in the process of applying for too many toasters (and by that I mean colleges and scholarships). I am a bit uncertain about it, though, because I don't intend on applying to any local universities- which are almost guaranteed admission for me- and because I haven't been putting too much time into my college essays. That includes my essays for Yale... Uh-oh. I like to believe I'm a good writer with little effort, but I don't know if that cuts it.


Marvin the Martian said...

Congratulations! No more syringes! Is your pump working better than it was?

You will make lots of friends, I know.

Your faith is between you and God, not dependent on church or other "Christians" (many of whom are not). Your faith is stronger than you know. And God loves you regardless of your strength or weakness, for He made you.

You may want to apply to at least one local college, as a backup, in case all else fails. What can it hurt?

Marvin the Martian said...

BTW, you can cross at least one thing off of your Things To Accomplish list on the left side of your page. ;-)