Friday, October 7, 2011

Time is of the Essence

There's quite a few things I always wanted to have in my life which aren't there:
  1. Regular writing- especially stories and poetry
  2. Volunteer work
  3. Carefree fun
  4. A best friend
  5. Deep relationships with role models
  6. A strong Christian community
I'll stop there, because I actually don't want to moan right now. I just need to take a look at my life and how I'm spending it and dedicate more time to what matters. I'm reading abook called In Praise of Slowness, you see, which brings up the issue of the brevity of life... And how we can squander it in frantic, meaningless pursuits or slow down and enjoy what matters. I am yet young. I can still slow down...

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Marvin the Martian said...

I'll suggest visualizing the reality you want. It's basically a form of prayer. Envision the world as you want it to be, and you'll find it slowly morphing to become that way.

You're actually taking the first step, by listing the things you want to do. Now, just take a little time every day to envision those things happening. Then look back in six months and be surprised at how many of those things actually DID happen!