Thursday, September 8, 2011

My History Teacher

I am incredibly blessed this year/semester with wonderful teachers. One of them, especially, stands out as one who will undoubtedly profoundly affect me: my history teacher. Maybe after I graduate I shall name him by name; for now, however, I shall keep him shrouded in anonymity.

Though he's already said tens of things I wish desperately to recall later in life, there's one cluster of subjects which I really wished to record before they left my recollection: him and God.

He's not a mainstream Christian- if he's even a Christian at all- but my teacher has something lacking in many: a humility towards God Himself. Though he'll laugh at the Medieval Catholic church until Kingdom come, my teacher is not one to view human faith as a bad thing. In fact- and this surprised me- he even digressed one day to tell us that human faith was, to him, a beautiful thing; perhaps the most beautiful, and that faith was a wonderful thing to keep in mind and in heart. Which leads to the second thing pertaining to this topic I wished to reiterate: the fact that only now, with humanity so far removed from nature and kindness and relationships, do humans dare to deny the existence of any god whatsoever. Atheists are a modern phenomena, and it is most foolish to view something which has existed throughout all of humanity's history- a belief in the supernatural- as foolish.

Strange. Maybe the opinionated non-traditional/maybe-non-Christian European History teacher I have will end up being a boon to my own neglected faith.

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Marvin the Martian said...

I remember Mrs. Griffin from 4th grade social studies, and Mrs. Jarrell from high school English. They were my favorites. Yours sounds like a gem. Faith operates independently of religion. You can have religion without faith, and faith without religion. Even atheism is faith, of a sort, faith that there is no God. Unproven, of course. ;-)