Wednesday, August 24, 2011

This and That, August 2011 edition

  1. School has began again. This is the prelude to the rest of this post.
  2. As was demonstrated in my scooter post, I have a scooter. Yesterday, after a full day (my first!) of illegal riding on busy streets (and two accidental runnings-of-red-lights.... Shame...), I finally took my driver's test at the DMV. So... AS OF AUGUST 23 IN THE YEAR OF OUR LORD 2011 (is that the right way to write that? I don't think so) I am a licensed driver. There's a couple things I wish to add to this section: 1. I had told myself I'd lie and say there was nothing (like, say, insulin-dependent juvenile diabetes) keeping me from safely driving. I had determined that it would be best for me in my circumstances (though still not moral...). However, the lady didn't even ask me that question, though here in Florida it is customary. I consider that a blessing. 2. During my actual test, which (out of nervousness) I did mess up on somewhat, I never had to leave the DMV's parking lot! I was told I'd have to take the evaluator out and into a neighborhood behind the DMV. When she told me I could park the car before we had left the DMV, I assumed I had somehow did something so horribly that I had irredeemably failed. However, she told me I had passed... And today I drove my scooter to and fro legally (and didn't run any lights).
  3. My birthday approaches. Soon I shall no longer be a minor. That fact, coupled with my new-found ability to take myself places and various other recent developments in my life, is leaving me feeling like an old woman who never passed the childhood attachment to the safety of their mother's aid and protection. I feel a bit heartbroken.
  4. I've been feeling quite strange for these past two days. I blame diabetes. Every strange feeling within me, which pre-diagnosis I would ignore, worries me slightly. However, the excitement and distraction of schooling is preventing me from too much medical angst at the moment. Yet... I no longer trust my body. I do not blame it, I pity it; it tried to serve me as it could. It failed on a large front, and now I do not know how long it can hold up on other fronts.
  5. I am #5 in my class (366 students at least).

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Marvin said...

Congratulations on so many achievements! 5th in your class, that's terrific!

Happy Birthday (soon)!

No more running red lights. ;-)

Feel better!