Monday, September 13, 2010

My mind feels like..

A bog of sorts: a less-desirable place where all sorts of eerie things arise daily. I shall post again today, but I have a thing to attend in approximately 14 minutes on the constitution.. And I still need to awkwardly eat my medieval bean slop and two chocolate-graham cracker and white-chocolate peanut butter snacks.


Marvin the Martian said...

I'm so glad you visited my little corner! During school hours, even! I have been praying for you. Life seems to be better for you, in the past year or so. I hope so, anyway.

Study that Constitution! And remember, the 2nd Amendment makes all the rest of the Amendments possible! ;-)

Ha, the captcha is "mentat". If you've read "Dune," you know what that is.

Lydia said...

Nay, I have yet to read "Dune." Erm.. What is it? (Boy, I hate admitting I lack rudimentary knowledge of what something is.. Die, ego.. Die)

Thank you (More than I could ever say), as always, for your prayers.. Life is.. Weird. Being older is weird. I don't know if I quite like it.

The Constitution is, to me, what water is to fatty acid tails (excuse the crappy biology analogy). There is something rudimentary in my being that repels from my brain any knowledge or retention that I could garner from it. Same thing goes for politics, and physics, and... Twilight.