Tuesday, April 20, 2010

Updates (and.. Unhappy 4/20 to us all)

  1. I've been falling into my environmentalist, vegan, activist, Christian self again (with more than a few setbacks). I will harness my energy while I can and then work on moderation and prevention of burn out.. For now, I am just happy to have a bit of drive within me. With that said, I am to begin blogging for Youth Noise again (as the featured environment blogger), am seriously considering renewing my once-veganism, am considering my options in charitable, loving work (Hospice is my first choice- I've already filled out and sent an application to volunteer there with the inhabitants), and am considering what I shall do in honor of Earth Day.. I shall likely plant more vegetable plant seeds to be grown over the summer.
  2. It's been hard for me to keep my head up, but I have only a bit more than a month to go before I am out of the halls of my high school and headed into the halls of a local community college for dual-enrollment courses. The prospect of change in the area of where I spend 50% of my time is the only secular thing keeping me sane at the moment.
  3. I am dreadfully in need of close/closer friends. I've been trying lately to open myself up to others and be more kind and conscientious, but I can never know if it is to work or not.. I guess I have to be the one to take the plunge and trust, don't I? I can't expect friends to come crawling out of the woodwork and lining up for a chance to hear my inner thoughts first-hand. Besides.. I do wish to help others through a mutual friendship, not just gain relief myself..
  4. Am I the only one not in support of a "holiday" of getting high without abandon? Think of what the time, money, and energy spent into getting high could have accomplished.. For the $10, 20, $30+ spent on marijuana, tens of starving children could have been fed or had water provided to.. And that is based only upon one person's expenditure on illicit drugs, not to mention the hundreds of thousands who surely rushed to buy weed today.


Marvin the Martian said...

1. Very cool, admirable pursuits, all.
2. I was going to suggest that you do just that, take summer AP classes or something. Are you starting to look at applying for scholarships for colleges? You are a brainiac - you can easily score a scholarship if you try.
3. Just be the kind, loving, generous person that you are. The hardest thing to do is to smile, look someone in the eye, and act interested in what they're doing or what they have to say. But if you do those three simple things, you have an instant friend.
4. I think mind-altering drugs are unnecessary and damaging. People who are focused on getting high for recreation are not realizing their full potential, wasting valuable energy, time and money on a fruitless, pointless pursuit. Potheads are pathetic.

Jimmy said...

Sorry I haven't called... It's been a rough week. Also, on the friend issue as I have said before: pull shoelaces. The first person who laughs at it is someone who you want as your friend.

PS: On the issue of 4/20. I have no moral or ethical concerns regarding pot, and some of my best friends smoke on a regular basis. While this might make me biased, it also gives me a different perspective on the subject. I believe marijuana should be legalized and taxed, improving the economy while also greatly reducing the amount of Americans in jail. This, and the possibility of not-for-profit marijuana dispensaries donating their money to the homeless and the needy does help me rationalize my support of marijuana. And as a side-note, I have never smoked pot.

Lydia said...

Thank you both for the responses.. To Jimmy, I am learning to respect other's opinions, and you have valid points to back-up your views on marijuana (I say this only to demonstrate that I am not angered or scornful of them). I am unsupportive of marijuana usage because I see no lasting gains to be made through it and no short-term good that could not be accomplished without marijuana.

I suppose I, too, am biased against this because I have been around pot smokers since I was a baby (though perhaps you have, too, considering it is very widespread).