Tuesday, March 2, 2010

Not So Deep, Am I?

There's a television show- an anime (how I hate to admit that, on principle)- that I have loved since childhood called Inuyasha. It has long enchanted me; I was thrown into it after an absence of sorts after the end of a relationship wherein the boy represented, to me, (And how I HATE to say this! Am I not the first to dismiss crushes on people not in existence as stupid, strange, and senseless?) that which I had first found the main character of Inuyasa to be: alluring, independent, secretly sensitive, mysterious, set apart in various ways, etc. The physical appearance of Inuyasha, too, could be compared (in my obsessive and ever-connecting mind, at least) to the boy's.


To this day, Inuyasha- especially the first few episodes- strikes a strange, long lost chord in me that brings me to long for mystery and quiet and adventure and solitude. To this day, though the association of Inuyasha and any tangible, mortal being has faded, he still embodies something I shall long for and drink of deeply when it surfaces. It isn't something absolutely necessary, for I can forget about it and live in ignorance for months at a time, but I would like it.
Perhaps it's the setting of feudal Japan. Maybe it's the Japanese music- which has always entranced me and set me drifting. It could, too, be partially due to the tall, blonde presence of an animated character with long, soft hair, dog's ears, and the knowledge of when to not where a shirt and how. ;p


Marvin the Martian said...

My anime favorites are Cowboy Bebop, Star Blazers, Robotech and Tank Police. Unless it has machinery in it, it's not that interesting to me. ;-)

Yours sounds like fun. I like the jazz music they use in Cowboy Bebop. Very cool.

Lydia said...

My dad found Cowboy Bebop interesting when it was on and he was inebriated and slipping into sleep.. Lol. I'll have to give it another chance; when I watched the small bit I did when it was on Toonami it never appealed to me.

Marvin the Martian said...

If you ever get a chance, Robotech is great. Lots of romance in that one, including forbidden love between human and evil Invid race-who-happen-to-look-human. Plus starfighters that change into big robots. And the Space Defense Fortress-1, a giant alien battleship which (shockingly) also changes into a giant robot. I really don't get the whole Japanese giant-robot thing. Transformers is a really weird genre. Maybe I should try your medieval stuff. ;-) Swords and blood are always cool.

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