Friday, October 23, 2009

Outrageous Hair for an Outrageous Girl

Ready, any day, for the absurdity to arrive
Even if you couldn't tell with my mannerisms, my hair screams what was missed
Don't pin me as normal, if you pin me!

My hair is just about the most outrageous color imaginable at the moment. With the help of kool-aid and my mother, I have hair that is best described as THESE colors.. All mixed, striped, and chunked.

I have to confess that I long incessantly for this sort of oddness... Though on the inside, I desire intelligence and humility and wisdom and love, I long for outward eccentricity of a level that would seem quite idiotic to, well, everyone imaginable. (I write this as if I am confident in my status as either weird or intelligent). The orange/red hair accomplishes some of that, but, I feel, not enough. I want to be as eccentric as eccentric can be and show a side never shown by anyone at this mundane high school.

But it's not even important...

I don't know why I am blogging of this... Just as a glimpse into my narcissistic, neurotic, dualistic, and immature nature, I suppose..

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Marvin the Martian said...

LOL, how fun! Show us a picture. I have never dyed my hair. It is a thousand colors all blended together... white, black, gray, gold, silver, brown, blonde, red... but yours sounds like more fun.