Monday, September 28, 2009

My Key

Strange thought, today, to prolong what time you may,
Let us see you try it just once, and deny it's great power.
Onward, you say, we mustn't delay,..
Where is the power in haste?

If ever you read my old blog, perhaps you can recall that I am no fan of Florida's style of beauty. I renounce those words, now.

I have found the key to unlocking the beauty I long for: so simple it is, yet I just fully grasped the concept today.

If one takes their time, without delaying or procrastinating, if one is comfortable in taking a moment to stop- if one can cease the urge to move ever on- then beauty is found in everything.


I was walking along the front of my school today to reach my art classroom. My school is surrounded greatly by the landscape so common to central Florida: cattle fields, with lake, swamp, pine tree clusters, palmetto bushes, and the occasional brave, lonely oak. I stopped and looked out into the field directly across from the entrance into the hall I was to enter and beheld the view in a way contrary to how I always view it. I saw it through the eyes of someone who was new to it, and it delighted me to no end (though I prefer Idaho's birches or Tennessee's Smokies any day).

As I thought more about it, though, it dawned on me how this realization- existing before I came to understand it, of course- ties in with other areas of my life.

The most regrettable occurrences in my life were fast-paced and ill-thought out or explained.
The best parts of my life were taken slowly and relished.

And, whether that inspired the emotions or the emotions inspired the relaxed pace, with the enjoyable talks and dates, that has made all the difference.

It occurs to me that one's walk with God should mirror this, too. Slow but steady; time sufficient to appreciate the beauty of His works.

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Marvin the Martian said...

Just like The Far Side cartoon, where the cow guru advises his acolyte, "In life's travels, don't forget to stop and eat the roses."