Thursday, September 17, 2009

Fall's Anthem-To me..

"Once Upon a Time" by the Smashing Pumpkins is, in my mind and heart, the perfect song to accompany all of what Autumn brings (at least for me). Here are the lyrics, but I cannot/will not include a video because:
  1. The link would expire after a period and make the page unsightly and outdated;
  2. The school's computers block Youtube.

Here are the lyrics. I implore you to search the song in order to understand the emotions behind them..

Mother I'm tired 
Come surrender my son 
Time has ravaged on my soul 
No plans to leave but still I go 

Fallin' with the leaves 
Fallin' out of sleep 
To the last goodbyes 
Who cares why? 

Mother I've tried 
Wasting my life 
I haven't given up, I lie 
To make you so proud in my eyes 

Fallin' out of sleep 
Crawlin' over me 
To the last goodbyes 
Who cares why? 

Tuesdays come and gone 
Restless i still drive 
Try to leave it all behind 

Fallin', fallin' out of sleep 
Fallin', fallin' with the leaves 
I go crawlin', crawlin' over me 

Once upon a time in my life... 
I went falling... 

Mother I hope you know 
That I miss you so 
Time has ravaged on my soul 
To wipe a mothers tears grown cold

1 comment:

Marvin the Martian said...

An emotional tune. Very pretty!

There's always if youtube is blocked.

Songs about mothers... how about "Mother" by The Police? There's a classic. and click on the player in the top right, ignore the video below. ;->