Sunday, August 23, 2009

Sick I am, Swine Flu it is not.

(No poem for this one).

I've been sick for the last four or so days, to varying degrees. Thankfully, it has not been too bad- I believe the worst of it was when I briefly had "the chills," as they are called, and had that dreaded feeling of warm coldness throughout my body. Besides that, I have only a cough, that dreaded cold taste- though it is not so very strong this time around- and, as of this morning, a slightly congested nose. Because of the news' propaganda, my mom is scared half-witless that I may have the DREADED swine flu: but I know I don't. My mother's family is immune to the flu: I know it.. And I, too, am.

But that's not what I am going to write about.

I am going to tell you that since I fell (slightly) ill, my mother has regressed about five years in her treatment of me. She is treating me like a child.. Which I have never been fond of. She asks, frequently, how I am doing and then asks again about five minutes after. She feels my forehead and then caresses my hair.

I don't know what to think..

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Marvin the Martian said...

I hope you feel better! That's an icky feeling.

Swine flu is hardest on the young (with their not-yet-fully-developed immune systems) and the elderly (with their weakened immune systems).

I think perhaps you should relax and enjoy your mother's behavior. You only have a few more years together before you'll start your life on your own. It's horrible to be sick when you're living alone. Let her mother you while she can. ;-)