Tuesday, July 21, 2009

Opposites Do Not Attract

Much against my character, I stayed through the night
Idle chat proceeded from idle minds, and mine was among them.
evilry, of a sort, brought us together; from scant others, you were my pick
othing was to be done once I set the trap.
If relationships are never a mistake, what was born that night?
Gone, you are, back to a hole I never seen,
Hidden, your life, from those as meek as me.
hat being said- what of us, then or now?

I suppose I still find it of the utmost difficulty to believe that others function so completely opposite of me, or so it appears. I never can quite determine whether folly shades one or the other of us and makes a shared mindset deviate into two separate ones.

Anyhow. I have ran across many people that operate under very different assumptions and view points than I do now. I know, to some, the variation in thought is interesting and refreshing to an extent and such, but to me it brings nothing but sorrow. I see much behind how people shape their world, I see much behind their views. Perhaps, on some issues, I am wrong to be so distraught at their rulings, but I know- my heart tells me so, my heart screams for it- that those which, ultimately, dig someone or the other deeper into the mundane lunacy plaguing us all are not the right viewpoint to possess.

When I deal with such people- people whose elementary world is seen in a different light of mine- after first overcoming arrogance, I slip into despair. My worldview, I suppose, is the more frail of the two, for when I challenge their basic paradigm, they react with arrogance, and when they do the same to me- through their general words or thoughts, even- I break into tears because of the things that I know issue forth from such views.

Perhaps I seem weak. I suppose I am. I must be weak to bring out the weakness in those who built too strong their inner defenses.

Those who are, on a principle, opposite of me would, and will, disagree. But I refuse to be shaken. My life is the only way it could ever be, and I lead the only life which will ever suit me. Not to mention the work I must do with this frail spirit of mine..

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Marvin the Martian said...

Being different does not mean you are weak. It takes strength and courage to be different, to hold different views and to be true to them in the face of peer pressure. How much you reveal your difference to others is up to you. But there are many people like you, and you'll just have to weed through many antagonists to find allies.