Thursday, May 21, 2009

Once it rains, never shall it cease to pour

Ragged cliffs of unhappy joy melt away..
As water cascades from every cloud,
I'm caught in a manifestation of myself;
Nearer than ever to asphyxiation from my melancholy

It has done nothing but rain for the past five or so days. The sky's baby blue has been mixed with the black of the heavens and made a dull grey backdrop, with no visible sun, that has blanketed the sky. For days.

I cannot help but feel that God sends such days as this for people like me. Whereas others see themselves in the light and breeze of an idyllic spring day, I see only what I sometimes wish I was- and yes, sometimes I pretend that such days are the purest form of me. But they are not. The grey.. The wind.. The rain.. That is me.. And there is beauty in it.

If you let it in.

If you feel.

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humsha said...

I for one believe there is beauty in all things as well. Everything in this world is beautiful even the most unattractive items has a quality of beauty.