Wednesday, August 17, 2011

Hastily Recorded Good Things

  1. CNA preparation course is paid for- and at a discount!

  2. Money left over is sufficient to purchase a decent 50cc scooter (don't laugh; I'm poor).

  3. Insulin is working and I can eat what I feel is healthy and good to eat (complex carbs).

  4. Only ONE module is left in my LAST year of Chinese!

  5. My endocrinologist appointment approaches and I shall inquire as to whether I might receive an insulin pump.

  6. I have one last day of work- a bit more money to be made- and I must away to prepare!


NightWriter said...

You have a very interesting blog. I love the sleek layout: the fonts, and the tree background. However, to make it even better and easier to read, You could put some kind of background just behind your posts. Some letters blend in with the light colors of the background.
I will follow your blog!

Marvin said...

Congrats on a summer with lots of accomplishments!

You make a good pair, I think.