Monday, July 12, 2010

"That's the best thing a girl can be in this world, a beautiful little fool..."

I must admit there is at least one easily present virtue to men: steadfastness to a cause. It's always us women who, through burying our strongest sentiments, lose ourselves. We break the hearts; we betray ourselves and the ones we love. Literature is full of tales (Catherine Earnshaw... Daisy Buchanan...) and, I am sure, there are hundreds of tales hidden in the hearts of those I pass by who have suffered under a woman's capricious heart and her deceptive ways.

I have witnessed it, in part, myself (even in the short, ridiculous years I have lived): a man can love a woman easily, so long as she is present, decent, and able to be kind, but his love cannot and will not sustain her. When separation comes between the two, she may harbor a desire as deep as his to be re-united one day, but she will never consent; she has constructed a new world after forsaking her first and the gates to her decrepit, forgotten realm of the past will never again open. At first, she is silly in her double-mindedness: casting aside love for the draw of money, talent, or fame; later, she is murderous in her desire to reconcile two opposite forces into her being.

Take it from Daisy, the woman who,to the very end, left behind, betrayed, and ultimately killed Jay: the very best thing a woman can be in this world is a beautiful fool. If luck befalls you, you may never have to love (nor even know what love is) and easily secure the love- nay, life- of a man for the years to come, never compromised, conflicted, or at ill-ease.


Marvin the Martian said...

I think that both men and women can be better people than they usually choose to be.

Lydia said...

Agreed in full!

Marvin the Martian said...

Ha, I forgot that you studied Chinese. Your Engrish is VERY good. I'm sure your Chinese is too. ;-) Thanks for visiting! What's new?

Lydia said...

Well, I just today arrived back home after a week-long vacation in my usual yearly haunt in the south (namely, Gatlingburg and the suburbs of Louisville {my father has a friend and a relative who live outside of it}). Now I am attempting to better my life here and perhaps try to re-kindle some of my minor friendships.