Saturday, June 19, 2010

Loneliness is Cleanliness..

Waking late, having an aborted attempt at meeting up with peers, saying hello to a rarely-seen cousin (and her family) just to say goodbye again hours later, playing Silent Hill, discussing the particulars of "storytelling games" in the artificial twilight of my room, and seeing my daily companion off has made me feel quite lonely and afraid on a primal level.

I could phone up someone to talk with for the couple of hours of daylight left, or speak with my mom, or do anything that involves human contact, but I doubt I shall.. Which is foolish.


Wayne said...

Don't you go forgetting your name on me. I'll catch you any day, any night, and any frighteningly surreal state in between if only to remind you of that. :)

Marvin the Martian said...

I hope you found something fun to do! ;-)