Thursday, May 6, 2010

"You May Go, But I Know You Won't Leave.."

I feel incredibly and undescribably lonely and empty at this moment. This, in years past, would have been a prozac moment: take one or two, sleep for as long as I could, and then wake to numbness and emptiness without the sting.

I remember how I'd enter "the Twilight Zone": the long, long hours where I swear the entire world was oblivious of my existence; the hours where I'd panic and despair because there was no one to talk to and everyone I tried to reach was incommunicative and I didn't know whether I had ceased to exist or whether the world, collectively, hated me.

Don't let it come. I don't want to feel that deep-rooted, psychotic fear..

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Marvin the Martian said...

Every day you don't post something here, I notice, and I'm sad. :( Every day you visit me, and leave a note, I'm happy. :) You are wonderful person to know.

Here's a big ((((hug)))) for you.