Monday, January 4, 2010

On a lighter subject..

Though I have many more significant and weighty goals to reach, I wish to jot down a few trivial ones here so as to not forget them until it is too late. 

  1. See the band Coldplay live.
  2. See the band The Smashing Pumpkins live.
  3. Stupidly ask Billy Corgan for his autograph.
  4. Drive to Tampa, Florida alone at night.
  5. See the movie Titanic.
  6. Find someone who plays guitar and will play the accompaniment to soothing songs so that I may sing them (all at night).
  7. Spend a night or two on the streets.
  8. Go on a cruise and sleep all of the day so as to be awake all of the night and gaze upon the ocean.
  9. Take a ride on a train- perhaps in Europe, where they actually make good use of such things.
  10. Stay in a flea-pit motel in Tokyo.


Marvin the Martian said...

What a nice bucket list! Aren't the Pumpkins defunct, though? It's really just Billy and whoever he can get to cooperate with him, right?

History of the band at . I remember when they came out in 91 I think. You weren't even born yet. ;-)

"Titanic" is a funny movie. My favorite part is when Leonardo... well, you'll see it. It's the most dramatic, poignant moment of the movie, near the end, and I laughed out loud in the theatre. Women generally like the movie. Men generally don't. Go figure.

Lydia said...

Well.. Yes, the original (and best) Smashing Pumpkins lineup is no longer a reality.. But still I would like to see "them" live. I admire Billy Corgan the most out of them all..