Wednesday, November 11, 2009

One Mystery.. Solved?

Perhaps it would be best if I
Refrained from my heckling-
On some points..
By the by, I may have answered a strange question, an
Enigma I blew far out of proportion in my mind.

Tonight I attended my friend's adult confirmation class with my pastor. As is typical whenever I am in a religious learning environment, I through the conversation violently off-topic many times, and among the (seemingly) disorganized bits of Esau, the first three commandments, God in the Old Testament vs. Jesus in the New testament, we talked a bit about demonic possession, and, consequently, Ouija boards. My pastor had a tale to tell of them, but it is not mine to tell. Perhaps I will record it somewhere for my own eyes, later, but I shall not tell it here.

Anyhow, through an elaboration on this tale, I think I may have found the answer to a semi-serious joke between my friend and I concerning my pastor: one day, after showing us a goblet he held rather dear to him, he told us it was from a dead friend (oh my.. My memory of his exact words is fading) and hinted to some sort of oddness about the story. I think he may have said that he wouldn't tell us the circumstances of the death, or something to that degree. My friend and I guessed that my pastor had killed the man.

(By the way, my pastor didn't kill him.. That is, if the story I heard tonight and the one that was hinted at before correlate as I sense they do).


Marvin the Martian said...

But the job of "pastor" would be the perfect cover, wouldn't it? No one would ever suspect.

Watch "The Manchurian Candidate" (the 1962 version). No one suspects him at the end, because he's dressed like a priest.

Lydia said...


My pastor is a very strange man. (Don't get me wrong.. He's never ever done anything "strange," like hint (verbally or physically) at any form of pedophilia or the teenaged equivalent, or make me feel that he was going to kill me, etc.) He's just very secretive and intelligent.

Marvin the Martian said...

eh, it's his job to keep secrets. He's the confidante for the congregation. I thought about being a pastor/priest, but I knew I would eventually get tired of dealing with everyone's problems. It's one thing if they genuinely try to help themselves, to grow and improve. It's really annoying if they're just going to sit and whine and not try to change things.