Saturday, November 28, 2009

I dreamed..

Un-asked for, you appear. The both of ye.
Go away- I'd rather suffer dull dreams than worry about you two.. I just can't
Help. I pray you find help for yourselves through Him.

It was an elaborate dream- one of the longer, more detailed ones. I shall only recount one part.

(Names have been changed, even though I don't feel as if it was a needed measure).

I was sitting on a hill in the night, across from someone- I cannot recall who. As I stared off beyond the person in front of me, you rode up on your bicycle. In the dream, it was understood that we were no longer together even though "you and I had never really broken up, we had just stopped talking to each other." You sat down and hugged me. I obliged, but expected you to launch into a rant on your current life. We kissed, and afterward marveled that it was the first time I had kissed a smoker- yet I don't believe there was a difference. We talked of light subjects, and soon after we began to walk towards my neighborhood. I noticed that you didn't have your cocky gait any longer: instead you appeared as if your will had been broken and you were submissive to whatever force you rebelled against before.

We arrived on the street before mine- Ivory- and on the corner of that street and the one that intersects both Ivory and my street was a group of people. As we walked past, they called out, "Hey- is that you, Brad? Come over here!" But the person walking alongside me was not "Brad." However, when I looked over, the person- let us call him "Dan"- was no longer of medium stature with brown hair but was instead tall, stately, and overwhelmingly blonde, just like "Brad." Yet in the dream, though I took note of this, it did not register with me as a change or anything out of the ordinary. "Brad" walked back towards Ivory- I think we had an agreement to meet up later that evening- but we never did. I think I had decided to leave him be.

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Marvin the Martian said...

Interesting. My dream people morph also, from people I know to people I don't, and back again.